Scientific-Technical Journal


ISSN: 0015-3214

DOI: 10.30791/0015-3214


The Journal was founded in January 1967



Russian Academy of Sciences RAS

A.A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science imet


The subject matters are:


effect of energy fluxes on materials;

effect of space condition on materials;

plasmochemical methods of production and treatment of materials;

functional coatings and surface treatment;

composite materials;

new methods of treatment and production of materials with required properties.



6 issues in year



Intercontact Science Ltd. 119334 Moscow, Leninsky pr., 49, IMET RAS



General Information:


Russian version of the Journal is distributed by agencies Rospechat (index 71905) and Ural-Press. Subscription on electronic version of the Journal can be done through electronic library Electronic copies of articles published in the Journal can be ordered there.


The journal is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for the publication of materials on Dr of Science and Candidate of Science dissertations.


Selected papers are published in English by Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., in the journal Inorganic Materials: Applied Research (ISSN PRINT: 2075-1133, ISSN ONLINE: 2075-115X).


The journal is included into the Russian Science Citation Index on Web of Science.


Publication in the journal is free.


Since 2018, the DOI is assigned to every article published in the journal.




Yu.V. Tsvetkov, Academician of the RAS, Dr.Sci. (Eng)

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Deputy Editor-in-Chief:

A.B. Tsepelev, Dr.Sci. (Phys-Math)

Tel. +7 (499) 135-7011


Executive Editor:

A.G. Gnedovets, PhD (Phys-Math)

Tel. +7 (499) 135-8641


Managing Editor:

O.N. Nikitushkina, PhD (Phys-Math)

Tel./Fax +7 (499) 135-4455



N.E. Klyueva

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Editorial Office Address:

119334 Moscow, Leninsky pr., 49, IMET RAS,

The Editorial Board FHOM


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