Rules for preparing manuscripts for publication in the journal
"Physics and Chemistry of Materials Treatment"

The Editorial Board of the journal "Physics and Chemistry of Materials Treatment" asks the authors submitting manuscripts to adhere the following rules.

The submission must include the following:
1. direction from the organization, where it was performed;
2. permission to publish (for authors from the Russian Federation);
3. contract for the transfer of copyright
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The article should be typewritten, double-spaced on one side of a standard sheet of white A4 paper. Authors must submit a copy of the manuscript with the full name, information about each of the authors (full name, place and address of work, academic title, position, research interests, e-mail address), abstract and a list of key words in Russian and English languages. It is necessary to clearly separate article on logically complete sections (introduction, experimental method, results, discussion, conclusions). The authors should draw attention to the mandatory formulation of conclusions at the end. The manuscript should be signed by the authors.


Formula should be presented in the form that excludes any possibility of ambiguous interpretation. In all cases of doubt, it should be explained in the fields, what letter or symbol should be typed.

Preference should be given the SI system.


Figures should be black and white and presented as separate files in graphical formats (tif, jpeg, etc.) with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Charts preferably be in the form of program files Origin, Excel. Microstructures must include the scale bar, rather than magnification.


References should be given to the extent of citing.

For article: authors' names, initials, article title, journal title, year, volume, number, pages (first-last).

For books: authors' names, initials, title, place of publication (city), publisher, year, volume (number of pages).

For articles in the collection: the authors' surnames and initials, title of the article, the name (s) of the editor (s), place of publication (city), publisher, year, pages (first-last)

For conference proceedings: authors' names, initials, title, conference title, place and time of the conference, the name (s) of the editor (s) of the collection of works, place of publication (city), the name of the publishing house (organization), year, pages (first-last).

Internet: actual address should be indicated providing access to the original work cited.


References to unpublished works, theses and author's abstracts (papers published as a manuscript) are not allowed.


To enter the international citation indexes the journal introduces additional requirements for registration of references. The main reference list is duplicated in English as "References". Links to Russian sources in section "References" should be presented as follows: surname and initials of the authors in Latin font, a transliteration of Russian names in Latin letters (see, e.g.,, translation of the article title into English, transliteration of Russian journal title, translation of the title of the journal into English language, year of publication, volume, number, pages. It is necessary to indicate the language of publication (In Russ.). If the Russian journal is translated into English, it is desirable to give a link to the English version of the journal, with the output (volume, number, pages) that may be different from the Russian version of the journal.



                         “Литература”: Иванов Л.И., Литвинова Н.А., Янушкевич В.А. Аномальное распределение плотности точечных дефектов, образующихся в поглощающем материале при лазерном облучении. Физика и химия обработки материалов, 1976, № 2, с.3-6.

                         References”: Ivanov L.I., Litvinova N.A., Yanushkevich V.A. Anomalnoye raspredeleniye plotnosti tochechnykh defektov, obrazuyushchikhsya v pogloshchayushchem materiale pri lazernom obluchenii [Abnormal distribution of density of point defects formed in absorbing material by laser irradiation]. Fizika i khimiya obrabotki materialov [Physics and chemistry of materials treatment], 1976, No.2, pp.3-6. (In Russ.).


Along with the manuscript electronic version of the article should be submitted to the Editorial Board by e-mail (


All articles are reviewed. The decision to publish is taken by the Editorial Board after consideration of the final version of the paper, revised, taking into account the reviewers' comments. The editors reserve the right to edit articles. Before the publication, the proof is sent to the corresponding author.


Following the publication, the article in a PDF-file is sent to the authors by e-mail.


Manuscripts that do not meet these requirements will be returned to authors for revision.



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