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Manufacture of composites

The plasma spraying are obtained precursory of composites boric fibers - aluminium matrix. The aluminium wire sprayed upon packing fibers. The manufacturing process is implemented in a commercial production. Such precursory will be utillized for production of fibrous composites as tubes, leafs. The basic advantages Al-B before other construction materials are consist in high unit strength and high elastic modulus, 20000 kG/mm2. Such construction devices of composites will be used in aerospace objects.

Fig. 1. The monotape of composites received by plasma spraying of an aluminium matrix on boric fibres

The process of deriving of precursory composites with a planar discretely hardened aggregates is designed. Hardening particles sprayed by a plasmotron. The second plasmotron spraying a matrix. The following views of these materials are manufactured: Al2O3-Al, Al2O3-NiCr, steel - aluminium. The know-how of a spraying unusable of anodes NiO - NiFe2O4 - 17%Cu for obtaining primary aluminium is designed.

Рис. 2. Laboratory variant not spent NiO - NiFe2O4 - 17%Cu anode

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