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Lab Information

The lab is organized in 1981 under the direction of the known specialist in the field of a plasma spraying Vladimira Vladimirovicha Kudinova. The considerable contribution to creation of lab have made O.V. Gusev, P. Ju. Pekshev, A.A. Safiullin, S. V. Chernjakov, A. F. Chistii, V.A. Paramonov, K.I. Burmenko. Now in lab the explorers work: V.V. Kudinov, I. K. Krilov, V. I. Mamonov,V.V. Jarkin, D.I. Komlev. The lab explores physicochemical appearances of processes of shaping by plasma spraying of new materials and coatings with amorphous, fine-crystalline, porous and composition structures. For deriving new materials are designed both new manufacturing processes and inventory for their realization.





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